7Search Direct Navigation: CLICK-FREE™

Receive a higher volume of traffic and improve your overall conversion rate!

HOW CLICK-FREE™ WORKS: End-users visit a website through direct navigation (type-in traffic, outdated bookmarks, expired links, etc.). The domain name is analyzed based on the URL keywords and visitors are automatically redirected to the top bidder's website. This program is great for end-users as there are no parked pages, no popups or popunders, and no more search results pages to navigate!

How to Participate in Click-Free™: Simply bid on the keyword "cf {keyword}" and you will start receiving traffic immediately. For example, if you would like traffic from travel related websites, bid on "cf travel". Looking for traffic from gaming sites, bid on "cf games".

More About Click-Free™ Direct Navigation: When a consumer visits a participating domain (most often through out-dated links, outdated bookmarks, or typing in a generic domain directly) they will be redirected immediately to your website.

These consumers are looking for category specific websites and will bypass the search results page where your competitors are listed. This type of exclusive promotion has been shown to increase traffic and sales conversion rates dramatically at a fraction of the cost of a traditional online marketing campaign.

Get Started With Click-Free™: Save time and let the 7Search Support Staff add relevant Click-Free™ keywords to your account. Our knowledgeable staff will review your existing campaign and select the Click-Free™ terms and phrases that will produce the best return on investment for the domain you are promoting.

Just contact 7Search with your username, the URL you want to promote and your preferred maximum bid amount. Support representatives will create a new campaign, add the Click-Free™ keyword and send you a notification that the task is complete. You will then need to start the campaign within your account by selecting "Go Online" within the actions drop down menu.

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