Display Advertising

7search brings you a brand new, self service display advertising solution. Explore a different side of 7search advertising. Use images and rich media to grow and expand your business.

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Graphical Banner

Graphical Banners give you the ability to use images, rich media, and text to advertise your business and reach new customers. Target based on country, vertical, time of day, keyword, OS, device, and even ISP and language.

Text Banner

Use traditional text ads in a new format. Get your message across quickly and effectively using industry standard banner sizes (leaderboards, skyscrapers etc.)

Pop Unders

Pop-Unders are exactly what they sound like. These ads will literally "pop under" or open in a new window behind the browser so as not to distract from the user's browsing experience. This is a great way to get a high quality ad in front of users to be viewed at their leisure.

Interstitial Webpage

An interstitial ad is a full page ad that appears before the actual webpage. It's a splash ad that displays before certain content. Interstitial pages are a great way to have a viewer completely focus on your advertisement before moving onto the content.


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