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Why 7Search?

7Search.com is a Pay Per Click search engine which has been around since 1998. We are the oldest and largest privately owned engine around. Our advertisers are bidding on keywords that are relevant to their sites. The bidding structure for keywords is very easy to use. You will bid for keywords that you would like to have in your campaign and you will change the bids to be positioned where you want to be. We are a transparent bid auction so you can see just how much other advertisers are bidding. We have a tracking conversion code which you can place onto your thank you pages. I will be assisting you with getting set up initially. We also have great reporting functions so that you can see exactly how your campaign is performing.

7Search.com receives on average 2.5 to 4 billion searches per month with more than 1.5 million searched terms. We are one of the leading pay-per-ranking search engines on the entire web. We are partnered with a network of over 39,000 Advertisers as well as 35% of the search engines that are currently active today.

At 7Search.com, we understand that crafting a successful pay per click campaign can be a daunting task. We are here to help! Below is a list of some of the great new features 7Search.com offers:

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