Provide Real Value to Your Web Audience and Earn the Highest Revenue Share in the Industry! is a premier Internet affiliate network specializing in serving pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Since 1999, we have offered solutions that allow website owners, search marketers and affiliate publishers to generate revenue by sending their quality traffic to 7Search advertisers. A partnership is one of the most profitable opportunities available on the Web today.

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In order to create a sustainable online business, website owners need to create a strong and steady stream of revenue. Integrate one or more of the 7Search affiliate opportunities (sponsored search boxes, Pay-Per-Text, AccessoryAds, advertiser referrals) or partner solutions (XML feeds for search engines or portals) and you'll earn for each and every qualified click of an advertisers listings by your users. It really is that easy.

Thousands upon thousands of serious affiliates and Web publishers have chosen 7Search to monetize their Web presence and they are paid millions of dollars each year for their efforts. Become a 7Search affiliate today and see the positive difference in your bottom line immediately.

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