7Search Affiliate & Partner Solutions

Power your site with in-line text link ads that can earn you money and provide value to end-users!

7Search's Pay-Per-Text program allows affiliates to create one-word advertisements in the form of text based links that when clicked reveal a list of 7Search advertisers. Affiliates earn 50% of the bid price each time end-users click these sponsored listings and arrive at a sponsors website (Private Label Pay-Per-Text affiliates earn 60% of bid price). With Pay-Per-Text, affiliates can generate revenue for their site while giving readers access to relevant, valuable information.

Here's an example of a PayPerText ad:
Find Deals on Digital Cameras!

Pay-Per-Text ads are simple to create within the 7Search system and are amazingly quick and easy to integrate within existing website content. These advertisements blend seamlessly to match your design and can dramatically increase your affiliate earnings.

Other 7Search Affiliate Programs

In addition to Pay-Per-Text, you may want to also consider integrating other 7Search affiliate programs such as the Search Box or the 7search Private Label Program.

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