I love two things about 7search that other search engines do not have. 1) They have the best customer service and they do whatever it takes to solve customer problems. 2) They have really good high quality traffic. I'm really glad to work with 7search.

Herman Mantilla - www.ingresos.tv

Over the past many years I have used both Google Adwords and Bing to do PPC campaigns. While effective they both cost an arm and a leg. I have found that there is little support to create and develop ad campaigns.

One of my internet coaches recommended 7search. From the very beginning 7search has been hands on in helping me develop and set up my advertising campaigns. Their staff's help is spot on. Thank you Carolynn Simpson.

I have gotten more bang for the buck with 7search than with any other PPC advertising that I have tried. Could I have gotten this type of help from one of the Big Box Advertisers? Definitely not! Thank you 7search.

Craig Wakefield - www.moneyclipandbeyond.com

I have received help from Elizabeth she is very nice, and replies back to my questions the same day. I couldn't be happier than this. Thank you very much.

Poramey - www.magicjack-canada.net

I was truly surprised at the quality service I received from 7search as a small businessman. I was used to being ignored for the most part as standard treatment like I was getting from their competition, I won’t mention any names. 7search treats me and my little company like I’m one of the big time names out there. I get quick and neat answers, on the spot help and tips on how to run my campaigns and help where and when I need it. I couldn’t ask for more. I wish I had found 7search a long time ago!

Duke - TheGameNook.com

The people at 7search are great! I have never had a problem speaking to someone if I have a question or problem. They go the extra mile to review my account, without my asking, and see how I can improve traffic. I feel like they are a partner, and care about how my site is doing. Thanks 7search!

M.T. - www.Ghilliespot.com

We manage pay-per-click campaigns for several clients, and it is always a pleasure to work with 7search. With their proactive Account Managers and commitment to their clients, 7search has proven themselves to be the most dedicated of all the major search engines we have worked with. I highly recommend 7search to any advertiser looking for a search engine that provides both value and top-notch service.

Dan R. - www.divinitystar.com

I have consistently advertised with 7search.com for over 5 years! Need I say more?

Jeff G. - ClassesAndCareers.com

The customer service is outstanding! I can email them with a question and they respond back within 30min at the latest. As a new user of Keyword Search, Carolyn, my account specialist, has been a big help to me and has solved a lot of the beginner problems I have had. Not to mention the quality traffic that I have been getting with 7search. Just great service all around.

Ryan J. - www.JamsBio.com

I want to thank you for going the extra mile and pausing one of my advertising campaigns when you noticed that the website was displaying a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error message. You did this to ensure that I didn't receive traffic to a dead link.

This is one of the things that makes you guys such a great advertising company. I was having trouble with my hosting company and a number of my sites were down at the time.

Thanks again for putting your clients needs first.

Bruce Q. - Internet Mall

I can now afford traffic and I know it’s targeted.

If you are wondering if 7search.com is for you – the answer is YES! The format is simple to use and they have customer service. Real people. I didn’t expect it. Trained by my experience with other systems I reluctantly sent over an e-question. I didn’t expect an answer – maybe if lucky, in a week or two I’d hear something. Amazingly I got a call the next day. A CALL. AND help walking through exactly how to make my ads work in their system. AND follow-up too.

With ONE ad I can link to topics on other pages on my site, bid each keyword, and check the reports to see the exact words people search. Priceless. Makes it fun and not a mystery or a crapshoot.

Why my enthusiasm? I’m a survivor of the PPC small advertiser wasteland of ignored ads. After spending months learning different systems, only to discover a smaller advertiser (read less than $1,000 or more a month) is on their own. No customer service, no help, and not a clue why ads aren’t running, are rejected, site is rejected (by a robot no less) or what’s happening.

I can now afford traffic and I know it’s targeted to my site. I’m switching my budget to 7search and making this simple and fun. It’s worth a try – why not jump in and see if it works for you too?

Cheryl J. - Quick-Good-Fortune.com

I have been using 7search.com for about 3 months now and am really pleased. It far outstrips MSN for traffic and conversions and would highly recommend as a 2nd tier search engine. BostonMediaDomain.com and EverSave.com have effectively used them in our current PPC efforts and am running profitably. Keep up the good work!!

Jeff S. - www.prospectiv.com

I have used PPC advertising since its inception when goto.com first came out with the idea in the late 1990's. I've used most platforms; certainly all the major's and consider PPC an essential part of our marketing efforts. That said, this is not a testimonial of the efficiency of 7search.com to reach clients, rather a testimony of their staff.

We recently ran into an issue which on the surface seemed to be innocuous enough, simply correcting some baking information. However the corrections created an error that could have cost us thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Enter 7search's Brandi Holtz. Not only did Brandi work with us to resolve the issue, more important she had the foresight to consider our potential losses had we not been able to fund our account. She stayed with it until she found a temporary solution and made provision for us to fund while the funding problem was being resolved in another department.

It did not stop there, though, as Brandi contacted me with a little more than a half hour left in her day to advise that the problem had not yet been resolved. She called to see if I would prefer to add additional funds via her temporary work around, should this issue continue to the following day. Something I was very glad to be able to do.

But it was not so much that I was able to fund the account as much as it was that Brandi was thinking ahead and considering our business. How often do employees see the clock and think about quitting time with half an hour to go? And how different our experience would have been if I had discovered 7search closed for the day and my funding issue not resolved?

That Brandi took the time to see this issue to completion, even if a temporary fix for the night, speaks highly of her character and her loyalty to the company for which she works. The problem we has is now fully resolved and thanks to the concerns she had for our business, we never missed a beat. And, as it turns out, we had a record day in total sales.

W. G. Rogers - www.mywebsite.com

I signed up with 7search in 2004 and have used the excellent tools and traffic as my “secret weapon” to making my PPC spend profitable. Outstanding niche traffic combined with outstanding support are the reasons I keep using 7search… great job 7search, here’s to a long continued profitable relationship.

Todd W. - www.BorrowSource.com

I began my PPC campaign with 7search.com just before the Thanksgiving holiday and was surprised at how fast traffic began moving to my site. The program is very user friendly and economical, an excellent combination for new and experienced web marketers alike. My favorite part - the program shows me the top three bid prices, so I know exactly where I stand in comparison to my competitors. Thank you, 7search.com, for making my first PPC advertising campaign a tremendous success!

Michelle A. - www.HolidayWreathStore.com

In my opinion 7search is by fast the best PPC company I have tried. Google was O.K. but they are very expensive and the learning curve was not quick. I was with Yahoo for several months.

I closed my account and got a 90% refund. The customer service was not very good and the learning curve was long and hard. At 7search the customer service is excellent, the learn curve is very low and the overall product is great. I hope this helps everyone looking for a PPC company.

Lance M. - Tampa2Enjoy

Your click fraud prevention is the best. I recently tried a couple of other fairly large search engines to advertise with and without exaggeration 99% of the 605 clicks I alledgedly received never clicked through to the advertisers website. Although buying PPC advertising is new to me and I havent had the time to add more campaigns, I see from the clicks I have received through 7search that the actual CTR to the advertisers website has been above 90%.

Randolph W. - www.GiantLook.com

I am a "newbie" to internet marketing, and thus have difficulty navigating sites.

I have tried to advertise on Adbrite, and it was very difficult for me to navigate their site, and I gave up. I found the same to be true with Facebook, although I did place five (5) ads with them, when the ads on Facebook weren’t Panning out,” I also placed ads on Google.

Google was a little easier to navigate; but again, even though my ads were “written by the book”, sales were meager at best.

I even tried two (2) different ads for the same product, to no avail.

Several days ago, a councilor at PMI (Professional Management International) whom I’m receiving Affiliate Marketing training from, suggested that 7search.com was probably one of the easier sites for me to place ads, and navigate.

I placed an ad on 7search.com, mid-day, on January 28th. When I looked at sales that evening, I was very happy to find that I had six (6) sales on that very day! The next day I had six (6) more by noon!

I called there 800 number several times throughout the process, and they “were there for me”. On my second call to them I had the pleasure of speaking with Giovanni. He was so nice, that I asked for his extension, which he readily gave me. He not only helped me thru the process, but he told me that he would call me the next day, to see how my ad was doing! UNBELEIVABLE!!!

Thanks to Giovanni, and 7search.com, I’m on my way to success.

Steve L - MyDealsCenter.com